Dancewear & Class Uniforms

Steps on Stage is an authorized dancewear representative.  Get sized and order your class shoes, leotards and tights with our studio staff. 

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High Steps
Emeralds: Ages 13-18 Beg/Int
Royals: Ages 13-18 Adv

Dance classes for the middle and high school student to learn and develop skills in choices of Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop &  Modern.  



August 14, 2017 - June 1, 2018


 4:00pm - 9:00pm



9:00am - 11:30am​,   4:00pm - 9:00pm


Middle Steps
Pinks: Ages 6-8
Pink II: Ages 6-8 Int
Violets: Ages 9-12

​Violet II: Ages 9-12 Int

Dance classes for elementary and middle age students.  Choose your path of learning and growth through combination or emphasis classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical & Hip-Hop.

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​​​Proudly serving dance families of Angier, Benson, Clayton, Coates, Dunn, Four Oaks, Garner, Godwin, Kenly, Middlesex, Pine Level, Selma, 
Smithfield, Willow Springs and Wilsons Mills.  We are centrally located in McGees Crossroads, only minutes from Cleveland Elementary, 
Cleveland Middle, Cleveland High, Dixon Road Elementary, McGees Elementary, McGees Middle and West Johnston High Schools.

First Steps
Daffodils: Ages 2-3 

Sapphires: Ages 3-5

Dance and enrichment classes for the young dancer between the ages of 2-5.  Your personal program can be built for your little dancer in all technical areas of Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics through creative, combination and/or emphasis classes. 

Daffodil Combo:

Ages 2-3:

Class Uniform:  Steps leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes

The daffodil combination class focuses on mastering locomotor skills and introduces basic ballet and tap elements and terminology.  This class uses fun songs and imagery while developing the dancer in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.

Sapphire Tap/Ballet:

Ages 3-5:

Class Uniform:  Steps leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes

The sapphire combination class builds off of mastered locomotor skills and focuses on additional ballet and tap skills and terminology.    Sapphire combo classes may consist of two to three separate leveled classes based on the years of experience and the ability level of each 3-5 year old.  This class continues to use fun songs and imagery while developing the dancer in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.

Sapphire Hip-Hop/Acro:

Ages 3-5:

Class uniform: Form fitting dancewear, hair secured

The sapphire hip-hop/acro class focuses on an introduction to hip-hop creative movement and terminology.  This sapphire class also offers an introduction to basic acrobatic skills catered to the ability of each individual student. Age appropriate, fun and upbeat music is used in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.

Ballet/Pointe: Levels are split by Pinks, Violets, Emeralds and Royals

Ages 6-18:

Class Uniform: Steps leotard, pink tights, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, pointe shoes fitted by a professional if applicable, hair secured in a bun.

Ballet at Steps on Stage is taught as a foundation of technique and discipline for all dance styles.  It is highly recommended for all serious dance students to take one or more ballet classes a week to excel in technical execution.  Our ballet classes are focused around classical technique, building proper muscle mass, alignment and terminology.  Classes are structured appropriately starting with barre work, then moving to  center and across floor work, then closing with a respectful reverence.  Pointe is by recommendation of the ballet instructor.  A pre-pointe class will be provided as necessary.  Anyone interested in pointe must relay their interest to the studio directors and ballet instructors to insure the student is on the proper path to achieve the strength and technique to safely take Pointe.

Jazz:  Levels are split by Pinks, Violets, Emeralds and Royals

Ages 6-18:

Class Uniform: Steps leotard and jazz shoes are mandatory, hair secure.  Other optional classwear: leggings, tights, shorts.

Jazz class is based on additional technique, as well as, a form of dance to build style, musicality, coordination and performance qualities.  Jazz uses age appropriate, upbeat music offering numerous styles of classical, musical theatre and contemporary jazz.  Students will work on mastering skills such as jumps, turns and leaps along with conditioning and strengthening.  The importance of warm-up, isolations and cool downs will be practiced and understood.  

Lyrical:  Pinks and Violets

Ages 6-12:

Class uniform: Any fitted dancewear, pirouette dance shoes, hair secure

Lyrical is an introduction to contemporary for the younger artist.  This class should be taken in addition to a technique class and will focus on artistry and musicality.  Lyrical is a form of dance that uses expression and movement to tell a story.  We like to call it poetry in motion.  Most lyrical dances are a combination of ballet, jazz and modern dance styles that showcase balance, flexibility and strength all while telling a story emotionally.  This is a great class for students to start developing their voice and individuality as a dancer.

Tap:  Levels are split by Pinks, Violets, Emeralds and Royals

Ages 6-18:

Class uniform:  Any dancewear and hair secured, black tap shoes with ties

Tap is a fun and stylistic class designed for students to not only learn the fundamentals and terminology of tap, but to learn the many styles.  Once skills are in place, students will develop a keen understanding of rhythmic and classical tap.  It is a great class to help students with rhythm, musicality and footwork.

Contemporary:  Emeralds and Royals

Ages 13-18:

Class Uniform:  Any dancewear and hair secured 

Contemporary is an artistic dance form focusing on experimental choreography, improvisation, artistry and commitment using elements of all dance styles.  This class is great for dancers to continue developing their voice and individuality as a dancer.

Hip-Hop: Levels are split by Pinks, Violets, Emeralds and Royals

Ages 6-18:

Class Uniform: Any dancewear easy to move in, hip-hop sneakers

Hip-Hop classes combine street dance with funk and jazz, similar to what you would see in televised dance performance or music videos.  Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to perform numerous styles of hip-hop in an upbeat fun class.  Our hip-hop classes also focus on conditioning the dancer.  All movement, music and costumes are clean and age appropriate.

Acrobatics and Tumbling: Levels are split by age and ability

Ages 6-18:

Class Uniform:  Form fitting dancewear and hair secure.  This is for the safety of the students.

This class is a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics.  It progresses from forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced tumbling, including ariel work.  Teachers work with each student on their individual level.  This class focuses on building flexibility, agility, strength and control.